Global IT service providers rely on networks of datacenters to deliver an ever-increasing number of offerings such as online storage, search, e-commerce, media streaming, and analytics. CloudSuite has been one of the key benchmark suites enabling researchers to study typical server workloads (e.g., caching layers, databases, and web server). We are happy to offer a tutorial session at MICRO 2023!


Please check theĀ MICRO 2023 website for more information on attending our tutorial. The tutorial will be on October 28th (in the afternoon) and will cover the following topics:
  • An explanation of why use CloudSuite
  • Changes compared to historical CloudSuite
  • A quick overview of the workloads
  • How to tune a workload on a real machine
  • A study of microarchitectural characterization using Perf
  • How to run a workload inside a full-system emulator (QEMU)


We hope to see you all at MICRO 2023!