Datacenter Benchmarking with CloudSuite 4.0

A benchmark suite for popular first-party cloud workloads in prevalent ISAs

Data Caching

Data Serving

Media Streaming

Web Search

Web Serving


Data Analytics


Graph Analytics


In-memory Analytics

CloudSuite is a benchmark suite for first-party cloud services. The suite consists of eight benchmarks representing popular online services and analytic workloads in datacenters. The benchmarks are based on state-of-the-art open-source real-world software stacks and are containerized for ease of use.

Cloud computing is now the dominant platform to offer scalable online services to a global client base. Today’s popular online services (e.g., web search, social networking, and business analytics) are characterized by massive working sets, deep software stacks, high degrees of request parallelism, and real-time constraints. These characteristics set cloud services apart from desktop (SPEC), parallel (PARSEC), and traditional commercial server workloads (TPC). Thus, we offer CloudSuite, enabling users to analyze their systems with representative cloud services. CloudSuite also complements emerging first-party workloads (e.g., Microservices) and third-party workloads (e.g., Serverless) with multi-tier monolithic software stacks that remain a backbone for datacenter services.

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    ASPLOS’23 Tutorial

    A tutorial, “Benchmarking scale-out server workloads with CloudSuite 4.0”, will be given on March 26th at ASPLOS 2023.

    DATE’17 Talk and Demo

    A talk, Server Benchmarking and Design with CloudSuite 3.0, was given on March 28th at DATE 2017.

    EuroSys’16 Tutorial

    A tutorial, Server Benchmarking with CloudSuite 3.0, will be presented on April 18th at EuroSys 2016.

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